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Cousins are like the best family members you could have. Usually they’re your age so you get along like brothers or sisters. Being that you don’t live with them most of the time, you don’t have to share everything with them all the time which makes you more inclined to be playful with your cousins as you don’t see them that often.

Cousins, unlike the 1989 film, can’t be swapped out. They’re are part of our family forever and a pivotal piece in keeping the family reunions lit every year.

Here’s a list of celebrities we bet you didn’t know were cousins!

Check out our list of celebrity cousins below!


12 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Cousins  was originally published on

1. Tracy McGrady & Vince Carter

Tracy McGrady & Vince Carter Source:Getty

2. Stephon Marbury & Sebastian Telfair

Stephon Marbury & Sebastian Telfair Source:Getty

3. Damon Dash & Stacey Dash

Damon Dash & Stacey Dash Source:Getty

4. Brandy & Snoop Dogg

Brandy & Snoop Dogg Source:Getty

5. K-Ci 7 Fantasia

K-Ci 7 Fantasia Source:Getty

6. Ludacris & Monice

Ludacris & Monice Source:Getty

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