These are the Thoughts of our Listeners that have their own Views one Love and Loving again… Can you Love again? If So How can you after you’ve been hurt so much? Marta: With GOD all BEAUTIFUL things r possible! Leave the past in the past….. GODS RENEWS…….. Im thankful 4 his ULTIMATE LOVE! Cedric: […]

Many of us face on a day to day basis the issues of life that cause us to become stressed out about various issued that bring us to the point of worrying. Our purpose in life is not to worry about anything. However its easier said than done. What are the things that cause us […]

At times in this LIFE we all go through some rough and hard moments. Whatever you’re dealing with right now YOU MUST PLACE IT IN THE MASTERS HANDS! GOD will Make it Alright!! See GOD is NOT a man the he would lie. The True Nature of GOD is Love and Pure Holliness. […]

  Thes are the comments of our Praise 103.9 Listeners: Ms Little:   Yes and Yes. Mrs Townsend: No. My 15 yr old is NOT on FB and will NOT be! I can’t stand when parents allow their underaged child on here, or allow their teen online and then don’t check on what they post. It’s irresponsible. […]

This is a New Year ( 2013 ) God is Still in the blessing business. There is so much God has for us and so much God wants to show us. Its up to us to look to God for where he want us to be. One of those ways is to become more dedicated […]