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Understanding on deep levels takes time.   It is more than just acknowledging something someone did. Why do we/they act as we do? Do we take time to sit with our beliefs and apply them?

What do they expect from us?  How do we/they act in the same circumstances?  How does our friends’ sense of humor work? All these areas and more make up understanding the other person in a relationship

Father, in the midst of our trials may the problem at hand not be the single focus of our prayers.  Help us to seek You for godly understanding and patient endurance, so that our lives are spiritually maturing in the process of waiting upon You to answer our prayers.  May seeking You be our primary focus in fulfillment of Christ’s command in Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto You.” In His precious name we pray, Amen.

.  What about communication styles?  Are we primarily verbal, or is body language and tone of voice the major factor in communication?  Are we literal, or do we use stories and exaggerated word pictures to paint a picture of what we are trying to communicate?  Some people try to deal in facts, while others see life more in strong emotional coloring. If you are an accountant, can you get along with and understand an abstract artist?  If you would rather listen to Gospel, can you spend a lot of time with someone who is always listening to reggae? Understanding how your friend communicates on deep levels is vital to developing intimacy.

They will never communicate the way you do, but by each understanding the other, your worlds can overlap in the most vital areas of life. It is a day by day practice of stopping and digging down to the real base of a problem.

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