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(VIA NBC MIAMI)  A South Florida woman’s preying hands now have a set of handcuffs on them after she allegedly told lies to get a piece of local churches’ collection plates.

Kimberly Wills, 42, would tell church officials that despite the fact she was a struggling single mom, she still made it a point to give to God. So she gave her son five bucks to drop in the collection plate.

Only she mistakenly gave the boy a $50 bill, Wills would tell the sympathetic clergy.

Wills and two other men pulled the scheme on at least nine churches in West Palm Beach. They used the money to buy cigarettes and get gas, police said.

You’d think that with all that time inside a church, at some point the group would have heard the commandment, “Thou shall not steal.”

The group has been charged with theft and organized scheme to defraud for their unholy acts.

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