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There are moments captured on  film which leave an invaluable social etching on the soul of society. Gospel music is one form of music that has been used over the years in movies to set the tone.

The  Academy Awards  will be held this weekend rewarding the greatest moments on film. There is a key facet of film that often gets overlooked. It is the music. Music  shapes a scene. It is our visceral reaction to what is going on in a scene that leaves an indelible mark on our minds and souls

# 4 “Wattstax”- The Emotions “Peace Be Still”

It would stand as the most severe riot in Los Angeles history until the Los Angeles riots of 1992. The concert was held at the Los Angeles Coliseum on August 20, 1972, and organized by Memphis’s Stax Records to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the Watts riots. Wattstax was seen by some as “the Afro-American answer to Woodstock”. The concert was to call to the mind the Watts Riots of 1965 refers to a large-scale riot which lasted 6 days in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, in August 1965. By the time the riot subsided, 34 people had been killed, 1,032 injured, and 3,438 arrested. It would stand as the most severe riot in Los Angeles history until the Los Angeles riots of 1992.

# 3 “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”  “Father Can You Hear Me”

In this scene a young  girl comes of age in her talent with the confirmation that she will use her voice for God only. Tyler perry is known for always placing a spiritual awakening moment in his movies. This movie is subtle in  that it is placed early and is not the crux of the film.

# 2 The Color Purple “God Is Trying To Tell You Something”

The emotion and raw reality of sin meets the real world is the message  of this scene. You are taken by the emotion . The silence that is prolonged in the scene as all the sinners head down the road of redemption sends chills through your body. When the young sings “Thank You Lord “ the message is delivered.

# 1 Imitation of Life “Trouble of This World”

This movie told the time honored battle of the relationships of mother and daughters. In the powerful climax of the movie a heartfelt song that is a warning to the young girls. If ever there was a Godmother of Gospel Mahalia Jackson hands down would be.

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