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A pro-life billboard campaign is causing controversy in Georgia by saying that black children are an “endangered species” because of the disproportionately high abortion rate among African-American women. The billboards features a close-up of an African-American boy’s worried face. To the left in large print are the words “Black Children are an Endangered Species.”

Since 1973, over 50 million babies have been aborted with 14 million of those being black. With the abortion rates in the black community skyrocketing over the past years, GA Right to Life and the Radiance Foundation, which is endorsed by national civil rights leaders, announced their “endangered species” project earlier this month. The project is focusing on the amount of abortions by African American mothers in two of the biggest minority counties in Georgia, Delkab and Fulton where 67% of the state’s abortions are held.

About 62 billboards have been put up in those two counties, in attempts to elicit a response and putting an end to the high abortion rates in Georgia. Of all states in the US, Georgia has the most reports of abortions from black mothers, so it seems only fitting that the campaign be launched here. It has also been reported that 30% of Georgia’s population is black, and that black women account for 59% of all abortions in the state.

Although the campaign is launched in Georgia, GA Right to Life and The Radiance Foundation has taken the campaign nation wide, with billboards from New York to California, trying to bring awareness to the issue.

The campaign also launched the website which is behind campaigns such as “The Negro Project”, “The Truth In Black and White”, and “Who’s Behind This?.” The website also launched this video below:

Aside from this anti-abortion campaign, ANOTHER billboard was launched in New York City today trying to elicit the same response. This billboard features a young African American girl with the caption “The Most Dangerous Place For An African American Is In The Womb”. The billboard was created by an organization entitled Life Always, with the same goals in mind as the aforementioned anti-abortion organizations. This particular billboard was placed about three blocks from the planned parenthood clinic in NYC, and has sparked a similar response from the black population in New York City, as in Georgia which is exactly what the creators of this campaign were hoping would happen.

What are your thoughts about this campaign? Personally, I definitely appreciate the fact that there are organizations taking the initiative to put an end to so many abortions, especially in the black community, as well as bring nationwide attention to the issue. However, I am not so sure how I feel about the choice of words used for the billboard, but I guess that is the point of this campaign. Nevertheless, it’s for a good cause, right?

If your interested in donating to this organization, you can visit or to find out more information.


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