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Nothing conveys authority better than a proper power suit. That said, every girl needs one in her repertoire – even the voluptuous. In fact, curvy girls can rock this trend like none other. The key is keeping a few simple things in mind.

1. Don’t lose your shape. A suit must look polished. The idea is that you don’t want to ruin your look with a suit that does not properly work with your frame. For example, if you’re petite, make sure that you buy a suit that is cut for your size. A good cheat if you’re particularly tall, short or in a rush is to go with a skirt suit – that way, you can skip fidgeting with pant length.

2. Find a good tailor. This cannot be more emphasized. Being plus sized, big bottomed, or top-heavy often means that your proportions may not be aligned with what patternmakers have placed on the racks – even if the suit they have created comes in larger sizes. Be sure to have pieces altered to fit your arm and leg length, nip your waist, and even adjusted in the arms and hips.

3. Feel free to leave your jacket unbuttoned. The natural cut of the jacket will be showcased when it is open. This will give even the straightest or widest midsections a perfect cinch.

4. Make sure you have the right size. On a curvy girl, a suit that is even a little too small looks exaggeratedly so. One that is too big will drown you up and age you. Again, the key to effectively pulling off a suit is to look refined.

5. Keep it simple. Occasionally, curvy girls will flock to heavily-adorned suits that feature more than their fair share of frills, shine or other embellishments, or ones that feature an overbearing pattern. Let the fit and crispness of your suit be what sets you apart from the pack.

6. Proper undergarments are essential. A well-fitting bra goes a long way. A slip or half-slip helps add grace and control to skirt and dress suits. Stockings and control garments will give you great shape under pantsuits.

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