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*A theatrical play where Jesus was portrayed as a transsexual woman has residents in Glasgow, Scotland protesting.

More than 300 demonstrators waved placards and sang gospel songs during a two hour candlelight vigil outside the Tron Theatre where the play Queen of Heaven will run through next weekend.

The play presents Christ as a man who wants to become a woman, according to the Scotland Herald.

“We are here to protest against the blasphemy of this play,” said Jack Bell a church pastor.

Another demonstrator, Peter Campbell of St Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church in Greenock, said: “I am here to say enough is enough. I feel I have to do something because I don’t feel this is right and I have to stand up for the cause of Jesus.”

The Christian Institute, which is opposed to equality for gay people, has said the festival is “further proof of an agenda to use taxpayers’ money to fund assaults on Christian values.”



  1. OMGosh. That’s crazy! We really need to pray about that. Also, while you’re praying remember to pray for the people in Scotland. Pray that they don’t move in a way God would not have them to move.

  2. I am so sick of sexually deviated people insisting the world treat them as equals. This is exactly how the enemy deceives and gets people to accept sin as normal behavior. I wish we would stop making concessions for people that we know are outright committing actions that are contrary to the teaching of GOD and say we need to pray for them. We need to get “righteously angry” and take back what belongs to us by force. If we don’t our kids are going to be so far gone we will never be able to retrieve them……….Then we will look up and say “What happened? “How did this happen.” Stop telling these people you will pray for them……..Tell them you are a sinner and you need to stop now! Then pray for them and yourself! Jesus never told the theives in the temple “I’m a pray for you!

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