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Should a Woman Propose?

  • Men do get embarrassed if a woman proposes. They may not be ready for marriage. They may not be in a position to say “Yes” to the woman
  • The relationship can get affected. If the man says “no”, the woman may get offended. It is a delicate situation. One must not force oneself upon the man. Of course, the man also has to be sure that the woman will accept his proposal
  • It is unconventional. As per tradition, men have been proposing and women have been appreciating it. They appreciate when a man takes the initiative. They are sure of him
  • It questions the male domain. Men can feel threatened that women are gaining an upper hand over them. In a male- dominated society, women have always been at the receiving end, be it a marriage proposal or sheer violence against them. The man has always felt superior to a woman. Even now, with so many technological advances, man still feels the same. He continues to rule over the woman. Such men do not like it, if a woman does something untraditional
  • A man could reject the woman for being so bold. He may be taken by surprise that his woman can be so courageous and question traditions. He may prefer a woman who is tradition bound. Most men prefer a submissive woman
  • At the same time, it could also imply that the relationship has matured enough, where both the partners know each other well. Either of them can take the initiative to propose
  • The woman should be sure of herself. She should be independent enough to support herself, in case the man feels offended and decides to break-off the relationship
  • At times a proposal by a woman can also mean that the woman may now prefer another relationship and be with a man who may want to marry her. In this case, the woman is taking the risk of terminating the relationship
  • A woman proposing also implies that the woman can support herself, and is independent enough to take her own decisions
  • A woman proposing can also imply that the woman knows what she wants from her man. She is clear in her expectations of him. Her doubts about him have been set aside

It is, no doubt, not the normal practice for a woman to propose. Yet some women prefer to take the initiative and propose marriage to their man. They question the traditional approach and prefer to take the decision on their own. This does place them at a risk, as the man may not agree to the proposal. In fact, he may not appreciate her unconventional approach. The woman has to be very sure of herself before doing so.

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