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Hope is the one thing that makes us keep going as humans.

At a time when people often have trouble finding reasons to hope, those who place their trust in a Higher Power need more than ever to “give to anyone who asks an account of the hope that is in [them]” (1 Peter 3:15). They have to understand what is specific about the hope that comes from faith, in order to root their lives in it.

“Lord God our Father, you created us for a purpose beyond our understanding. We cannot discern this purpose by our own powers, but you revealed it to the world by the death and resurrection of your Son. He revealed to us that we are your children, and that you created us to dwell with you in love for all eternity. He overcame sin and death to reconcile us with you. Free us from every form of bondage that separates us from you and purify us by the fire of your love. Guide us by the light of your truth, and lead us to the eternal life you have prepared for us.

Hoping, then, means first of all discovering in the depths of the present a Life that leads forward and that nothing is able to stop. It also means welcoming this Life by a yes spoken by our whole being. As we embark on this Life, we are lead to create signs of a different future here and now, in the midst of the difficulties of the world, seeds of renewal that will bear fruit when the time comes.

The Clark Sisters Donnie McClurkin – I Wont Complain

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