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Over 325,000 people are expected to attend The Dixie Classic Fair over the next week, and there’s little doubt that most of those people will consider tasting the fair’s newest treat.

Fair vendors have introduced the Krispy Kreme Hamburger, a treat that likely exceeds 1,000 calories. The makers of the sinful treat take a Krispy Kreme doughnut, split it in half and place a juicy hamburger between the two halves.

The burger costs $5 and you can top it with traditional burger toppings like cheese, lettuce and tomato.

“One compliments the other,” says Mike Beaver of Beaver Food Service, the maker of the treat.

Another attraction this year includes electronic cards used for rides at the fair, instead of issuing paper tickets.

Jim Strates of Strates Shows says ride goers won’t have to buy additional tickets.

“With this you don’t need more tickets, you just need to recharge your ticket,’ said Strates.”Everything has a bar code and we scan it in. Whatever you purchase the value gets put on it.”

The fair runs October 1 – 10. For information about tickets and venues, visit

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