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Could it be true … Queen Latifah talking about settling down and having kids?

Well yes. The rapper/singer/actress and make-up spokeswoman shared in Parade magazine that she is about ready to slow things down within the next ten years she says and make a little family of her own.

As to whom she would have these children with is unknown at this point and if she would be the one to carry them is another matter.

Latifah, whose personal life is kept mighty private, has not divulged whether or not she is currently in a relationship with long time trainer, Janette Jenkins. The two were seen cuddling most recently on a yacht with the pregnant Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beatz. However, until the Queen confirms or denies any notions about the pair, all is but speculation.

In other Latifah news, she is also working her entrepreneurial spirit and is working on a new line of vitamin water with New York Spring Water. She is also producing a new VH1 series “Single Ladies.” And on Jan. 12, catch her on CBS hosting the 35th Annual People’s Choice Awards.

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