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VIA: The Preacher Bureau of Investigation

The Preacher Bureau of Investigation has just announced that they will release the nominees for the “Worst Pastor of 2010.” At the top of the list of nominees is the scandal ridden Bishop Eddie Long. Bishop Eddie Long and the scandals dominated local, nation, and international news for 90 consecutive days.

The PBI is allowing visitors to the site to nominate and vote for the preacher that they feel is the worst pastor of 2010.

Other Pastors that have made the running for the Worst Pastor of 2010 is Rev Gerry James, Pastor Ed Young Jr., Bishop Anthony Jinwright, and Bishop Jim Swilley just to name a few. The winner of the Worst Pastor of 2010 will be announced on December 31, 2010 at 11 am (CST) on Church Folk Revolution Radio.

The Preacher Bureau of Investigation ( is a watchdog site designed to hold Pastors, Preachers, and Priests accountable for their treatment of congregations. A spokesperson for the site says that they will continue to track integrity issues regarding Pastors throughout the upcoming year and will make an annual announcement every December 31st.

“Our goal is to let all Pastors know that we are watching them and will expose any behavior that we feel is exploitative or criminal. Our philosophy at the PBI is once the Pastors stop, we will stop. Someone has to hold them accountable for taking advantage of the Body of Christ therefore we plan to do more than simply pray for them.”

The Church Folk Revolution Radio is an online Christian Talk Radio Station which serves as an advocate outreach for abused church members.

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