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There are a lot of things we look forward to during the holiday season. Food, presents and quality time with our families are all the things we hold dear. For your average college student, the best part of the holiday season is a month long vacation from the books, annoying professors and late nights in the library.

Winter break is a great relief from the mundane routine that is college life. You get to be lazy for a month, non- proactive and maybe even fit some sleep into your usually hectic schedule. The problem with all this fun is that sometimes you get too stuck in the luxury of doing nothing and then you have to get back on the grind. Snapping yourself out of it can be tough, but we have the solution to this problem. Here are five ways to get back on the grind, when school kicks back into session.

1.Get a Holiday Job or Internship

This is great time to get a job and make some extra money. Stores are hiring like crazy during the holiday season. We all know how expensive college can be, so why sit around and gain the freshman 15, when you can work and save money to pay off some of that college debt. Working will keep your brain active and your body use to performing at a certain level of activity. An internship is also a good way to keep you active. You will gain work experience for that future resume you will have to make, in order to gain employment after college.

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2. Create a Workout Routine

Getting in shape is a great New Year’s resolution and a good way to shake the stress from the finals you just took. Working out is a good way to  keep your stress levels down when you return to school. It will keep your body in shape, you won’t gain weight during the holidays and you can carry your workouts into the new semester. Try some new workouts that vary from the usually gym type exercises. Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and running are all great workouts.

3.Stay Educated

Most people take this opportunity to just be lazy and catch up on a season of their favorite television show. I think the best solution to prevent brain failure during the winter break is to take a winter break class. Another solution is to email one of your professors, so you can order your books ahead of time and read them before the semester begins. Keeping your brain active is a sure way to succeed in college. The more you use it, the better it works.

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4.Volunteer Somewhere

This is the season for giving and sometimes the best gift you can give is your time. There are a number of people and places that have more to worry about than college finals. Volunteering not only humbles you, but it also makes you open minded to the world around you; it will also give back to the community.

5. A Week Before Class, Try Waking Up Early

Your body is full of cells that have memory just like your brain. So waking up early is something that you usually program your body to get accustomed to. A week before you start school, especially if you have early morning classes, set your alarm to seven or eight am. This will help your body get use to being proactive during that time of day.

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