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Marlon ‘The Microphone Fiend’ Wayans Talks New Tour on 100.3 WRNB

Mina x Marlon Wayans

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Marlon Wayans is one of the shining stars of the Wayans family.

Marlon has been in the industry since he was a kid, debuting on-screen before he even graduated high school! Ever since he debuted in his brother Keenan Ivory’s  “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” in 1988, Marlon Wayans has been a hit in all of his appearances on screen-becoming a fan favorite.Mina Saywhat got a chance to speak the charismatic comedian, asking him what’s it like to be the funniest Wayans brother. “I never wanna be one of the funniest ones (Wayans brother), too much pressure, I’m okay of being one of the funniest.” Marlon joked.

Marlon went on to talk about his progression and coming of age in the industry and how he feels like he’s aging backwards.

“Most times, you see an artist, and by the time they come out they’re at their peak. Y’all watched me at my worst. Then over time, I’m starting to get better and I’m starting to peak” Wayans explained to Mina. “And that’s what different about my career. Feels like reverse engineering. I feel like my best years are ahead of me and people have been watching me develop for thirty years!”

Marlon and Mina also went on to talk about his “microphone fiend” tour with an upcoming show coming to Philadelphia in August, how much it meant for him to be there for Busta Rhymes to receive his flowers at the BET awards, the writers strike and more!

Watch the full interview below!

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