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Whatever happen to class and decorum?

Recently while visiting an in-town Walmart, a group of young adults (mid-20’s) decided to perform an impromptu concert in the toothpaste aisle. It’s a free country, do what you will. However, why did the residents in Iowa need to hear their performance from Atlanta? Yes, they were that LOUD!

Lucky for me, my encounter with this lively group did not end in the toothpaste aisle.  I had the wonderful opportunity of running into them on various occasions throughout my Walmart experience. In one such instance, two of the four decided to perform a dance routine. The moves that were displayed with such precision and synchronization were reminiscent of a band director or majorette. Need I say more. As the two giggled, sauntered, pranced and dare I say it “sashayed” down the aisle to the shock and dismay of the customers in the store, while blocking traffic and causing a commotion in the process.  The remaining two individuals decided to play “let me push you in the cart”. One sat on the base of the cart while the other one pushed  to a chorus of giggles and comedic exchanges between the two. Once again, it’s a free country however when your actions hinder or block others from moving at their leisure, then there is a problem.

In the middle of processing what I just witnessed, not two seconds had passed, when my ears had the delightful pleasure of hearing the following word:  NAW! hurled in a manner that was reminiscent of childhood. Remember when you were down the street playing and your Mother called you home for dinner. Your Mom’s voice had a way of traveling throughout the neighborhood without her leaving the front porch. And if you did not respond in a timely manner you then heard your ENTIRE name bellowed in a way that you were sure the entire city and state knew who you were. Nevertheless, I digress but you understand the depth of the word NAW! And the manner in which it was spoken.

I continued to have the pleasure of hearing NAW!!!! In that manner on numerous occasions until I heard a response “Boy! Don’t make me come over there and hit you in your chest”. Once again, the participants in this exchange were probably mid to late 20’s in the same Wal-Mart with the dance team and approximately 50 yards from each other conducting this “Naw” exchange. And yes, the residents in Iowa heard them as well.

These are just two examples of many, many, many more that I am sure can be named, quoted and demonstrated. So my question is, what ever happen to class and decorum? We were  once taught that you do not act in public the way you do at home.  What happened to that spoken and understood rule. The rule that your parents recant in their behavior speech prior to going out in public or in the post behavior speech, when your actions did not meet their expectations. The speech that goes a little something like this:  “Don’t you embarrass me… You are not at home.” Remember that one? The thought of it causes chills to run down my spine to this day.

What happen to pride and respect about ones’ self? What happen to your public persona being one of  the consummate professional and displaying class and decorum at all times? Can someone help me? I will take full responsibility if my expectations are too high. But people, come on a concert and a dance routine in Walmart. Really? In downtown Atlanta?

Maybe it’s just me, but has class and decorum completely left our society? The above named events, coupled with the unnamed ones, topped with  the debauchery known as the Real Atlanta Housewives leaves you to wonder.

Well, that is my humble opinion.

Can you imagine what Madea would have said about this?

Until next time….Continue to be amazed by His grace!

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