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At some point, conservative Karen of color Candace Owens needs to admit she’s just making up reasons to be mad for MAGA massa’ clout. It’s just getting increasingly difficult to believe that someone who generally only exists to be white conservatives’ pet Black friend really gets this agitated by inclusivity efforts that have no practical impact on her life whatsoever.

I’m just not sure I buy it that Owens really thinks Netflix and Uber Eats having Black categories is “segregation,” as if highlighting Black cinema or giving people who want to support Black restaurants more search options is akin to sticking a “whites only” sign over a public facility’s only working water fountain.

I have to believe that when Owens denounced Juneteenth as “soooo lame” and declared that she “will be celebrating July 4th and July 4th only,” she was perfectly aware that, as the names of each holiday suggest, they take place in two separate months. They’re not the Bloods and Crips of holidays. You can celebrate both. Or neither. WHY ARE YOU PRETENDING TO CARE ABOUT THIS??

Candace Owens was not really popping a red, white and blue forehead vein over Minnie Mouse being temporarily dressed in a blue and black polka dot pantsuit instead of her classic red and white polka dot skirt because the non-permanent change was a clear attempt to “destroy fabrics of our society.”

And this is why I’m pretty sure the sunken place Whine-ology 101 professor is just putting on airs for the anti-woke bigot brigade by pretending to be bothered by a disabled model being featured in a SKIMS Adaptive Collection ad for women’s underwear.

After calling a single underwear ad in a sea of underwear ads “ridiculous” for being likely the only one to feature a woman in a wheelchair, Owens preceded to rant about how “inclusivity” lives rent-free in her otherwise empty head.

“I don’t really understand how far we’re going to take this inclusivity thing,” Owens bellowed, apparently afraid of the slippery slope that might lead to—*checks notes*—all kinds of people being included in things they previously weren’t (the horror). “I really don’t get ifIf I’m wrong again, educate me, today, I just want to be educated in the comments. If people were in wheelchairs were thinking as they were looking around: ‘You know, it really upsets me that I’ve never seen a bra and underwear advertised with a girl in a wheelchair’…I don’t know why this needs to be done. I’m getting tired of this all-inclusivity thing.” (Says the woman who pretends to be anti-segregation.)

First of all, every marginalized group is full of people calling for more representation in literally everything, from TV to film to broadcasting to advertising. Owens is not so dense that she doesn’t realize this. But the better question, again, is—why is she pretending to care? If a disabled model found work in advertising because a clothing company decided to do a little work to make their ads reflect the diversity of its consumer base, why does that fluster Owens’ already-frustrated edges? It’s not like someone strapped her to a chair and pried her eyes open like this is A Clockwork Orange. She can just keep scrolling past the ads she doesn’t want to see if she, for whatever reason, a woman in a bra while in a wheelchair makes her sambo-pox flair up.

Speaking of which, the model who starred in the ad, Model Haleigh Rosa, responded to Owens in a Tik Tik video.

“We both studied journalism, but since only one of us seems to have finished our degree. I’m happy to educate you,” Rosa said. “This isn’t the first nor the last campaign you will see with a wheelchair. We’re not only in adaptive campaigns, we’re everywhere.”


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