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If you’re a milk drinker, health conscious or lactatose-free advocates will proudly speak about the benefits of their favorite kind of milk.  Soy Milk may be one of their choices as an alternative to drinking cow’s milk.

Live reports soybeans have been around for many years and studies show its rich in fiber and protein.

They’re also contain isoflavones which is a plant-like compound that acts like the female hormone estrogen.  You may have thought soy milk is more beneficial for women, it actually is good for men as well.

Here are three health benefits  for men who drink soy milk:

1.  May Lower Blood Pressure- The American Heart Association reported the chances increase for a man the older he gets  of developing hypertension or high blood pressure.  They suggest drinking soy milk on a regular basis may help lower blood pressure.

2.  May Lower Cholesterol and Guard Against Heart Disease– According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, drinking soy milk may help lower your cholesterol.  If you notice any soy-products in your home, the contain a healthy heart sticker that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration allows soy milk and other soy products bear.  This simply means those products containing soy may lower cholesterol when combined with a low-fat diet.

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