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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “Mountain Movers You Can Move it or Climb It.”




I want to give you tips to come back first and foremost when we are at a time of challenge a time when everything is going crazy, then you need to do something simple, pray, but not just pray for God to move the mountain but also pray to give us the strength to climb the mountain if necessary. We can pray and hope that it will come to us in a way that is comfortable. But that is not always how God will do it.

God does not always come in the way that we expect. Sometimes God will come with ideas and efforts for us in workloads which means we have to go to work to act. So as we continue this process I recommend that you pray and then take action on your prayers. Remember faith without works is dead. Let’s go to work and do me a favor let me know how some of these comeback experiences come to you.






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