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Have you received your invitation to Clubhouse? The new invite-only app has proven to be a source for great networking, raw gems of knowledge, and endless opportunities. Currently in beta form, a friend has to provide you with a link that will gain you access to the latest app that is changing the game. If you’ve already had time to maneuver the app, then you know that besides your bio, that one profile picture will represent who you are. A powerful photo can help in the marketing of your personal brand. We sat down with Leah J., owner of the Black Girls Do brand, to discuss the importance of an impactful Clubhouse photo.

Leah J. curates Black Girls Do, a community of women who uplift and empower each other. Based in the DMV, BGD hosts events, offer services, and foster a sense of community among young business professionals. Now that they’ve expanded on Clubhouse, the group has over 16,000 members from all over the world. Hosting 5-7 rooms a week, BGD has positioned themselves as one of the leading groups to follow on the app. That said, when Leah J offers tips on how an appealing profile picture can enhance your experience on Clubhouse, I’m taking notes! For a better reference, note that Clubhouse and Instagram are polar opposites. One allows you to tell your story in a montage of photos and the other allows you to amplify your voice. There’s a lot riding on using an image that shows you at your highest potential.

Leah J

Source: YaYa / YaYa

“Having a strong Clubhouse image allows people to see the person behind the brand but also creates an emotional connection that resonates with the viewer. It’s sorta like the first impression before your Clubhouse resume is read, and that’s another topic. If she’s smiling it means she’s inviting. If it’s a stern look, it means she’s all about business. A smirk could represent a balance of playfulness and seriousness. Professional images could mean your brand is put together, and you understand the importance of visual storytelling marketing,” said Leah.

“Bold, clear images will always perform well on Clubhouse,” she continued. “Unique shots that start conversations are important because while you’re on stage talking, people will look at your photo, read your bio, and eventually land on your Instagram page.”

Entrepreneurs like Leah have found lots of success on Clubhouse. I’m not sure of the analytics, but the larger your presence becomes on the app, the more people learn about your brand. “It has Increase the visibility of Black Girls Do to a larger audience and it’s core mission. It has also allowed me to connect in network with women from all over the world who have all contributed to the growth of Black Girls Do in their own ways. I have been able to grow the team with amazing Black women who share and understand the vision of Black Girls Do.”

Leah J

Source: YaYa / YaYa

As you can see, Leah is passionate about networking and connecting with Black women. Because she has so much admiration for the resilience of who we are, she decided to start a community that would focus on uplifting women. “This started with my mom, family, close friends and various women in all facets of life who are Black women. From the homemakers to college students to entrepreneurs, I have seen these women do it all when all odds were stacked against them,” she said.

“At some point in time I felt there was a lack of acknowledgment, a lack of empathy, and a lack of grace for Black women so instead of asking for a space to be celebrated by mainstream, I created my own. A space where we would not be acknowledged by labels created by those who know nothing of our culture. A space where narratives would be rewritten, a space of empowerment, a space filled with truths and healing. This space would be a place of unlearning, What better way to do so, than by curating events and forcing conversations that need to be had,” she continued.

If you’re not following Leah J., or the Black Girls Do platform, then you’re seriously missing out. Not only are there Clubhouse rooms the bomb, they’re planning on expanding in a big way. When I asked Leah what’s next for Black Girls Do, she said “More unfiltered empowering conversations, Covid-friendly events online and off-line if possible, and world domination.”

That what Black girls do!


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