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Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

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Trump has made claims that he wants to open back up May 1st even though the medical world as well as governors have severe concerns with that decision as the COVID-19 virus cases are still prevalent.  Our governors across America that issued Shelter In Orders to help increase social distancing has helped flatten the COVID-19 pandemic curve but in the war against the coronavirus, with not enough testing, we still have a long haul to tow.

Trump is upset that governors across America say they will handle the lives of their communities with health and safety first above all.  However Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to open some businesses, such as gyms, hair/nail salons and bowling alley’s to name a few, as of this Friday, has Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms extremely concerned not only as a Mayor but as a mother.  Mayor Bottoms say’s according to the data that she receives from the public health department each day that their numbers in terms of COVID-19 are going up.

The businesses that the governor are talking about opening up are nonessential businesses that don’t really promote social distancing (see video below)

Shockingly enough Governor Brian Kemp does recognize with his decision that COVID-19 case will go up.

Take a listen as Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms talks to CNN about her concerns with Governor Kemp’s reopening decision below.

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