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Today is tax day, and millions of Americans will have to show the government everything: their salaries and social security numbers, their expenses and their benefits, their profits and their losses.

It’s like Uncle Sam is a peeping Tom, and he is every room in your house. And we gotta let him see it all, ‘cause if we don’t, we goin’ to jail.  

But it’s time for the right thing make Tiger Woods-style comeback . Cause how we payin’ taxes like clockwork when Trump might not pay his?    

Remember that debate when Hillary said Trump doesn’t pay taxes and he said that makes him smart? Well I remember, and I also remember that he was elected anyway. Bottom line? His supporters let him hide his taxes, just like he hides everything else.   

He threatened to sue Fordham University if they released his college transcripts. He dangled pardons in front of his former campaign manager in order to keep him quiet. He made his porn star side-piece sign a nondisclosure agreement.

This dude hides everything.

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