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A political challenger to Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is criticizing a supervised injection site proposed for the city.

Speaking at a contentious community forum in Kensington last night, Democratic state Sen. Anthony Williams said he opposes opening a place where people addicted to drugs could use them under medical supervision.

A rowdy crowd attended the discussion at a neighborhood church, where both supporters and opponents of the controversial facilities, sometimes called “safe injection sites,” shouted over speakers, including Williams.

“There’s nothing safe about a non-controlled substance with we don’t know what’s in it being injected into anybody,” Williams said.

Before he could finish, Williams was interrupted by a critic in the crowd who shouted, “It’s safer, sir!”

Williams, who represents Southwest Philadelphia and parts of Delaware County, said it wasn’t wise to move forward with a supervised injection site while it still faces serious legal threats.

“The moment we open a safe injection site in Philadelphia, the federal government will be here shutting it down,” he said.


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