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Tonight’s forum on Safe injection Sites is not an issue of black and white. It’s an issue of wrong and right.

Latinos, whites and blacks live together in Harrowgate and Kensington, where a non-profit chaired by Ed Rendell wants to spend almost $2 million a year for a safe injection site.   

The neighbors there are poor, but they’re smart enough to know that no one would dare to put an illegal drug facility in a rich community like Rittenhouse Square.

In fact, when I asked Cynthia Estremera why she thought her community was chosen, she said, “This is an act of political warfare on a community that they think is too weak to stand up for itself.”

Well tonight, at Bethel Temple Community Bible Church, just blocks from where they want to put the Safe Injection Site, this community will stand up for itself. Sadly, the mayor won’t be there to stand with them. That’s because Mayor Kenney—along with DA Larry Krasner—supports a safe injection site, even though the community has petitions with thousands of people against it, and even though the community has reached out to him to no avail.

In the words of Shannon Farrell, President of the Harrowgate Civic Association, “We have tried for years to get this mayor to come to our neighborhood since he’s been elected, and, you know, we’re told, well, he doesn’t want to come to your neighborhood because you’re gonna yell at him about the soda tax.


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