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Not only are developers kicking black people out of Philly’s gentrifying communities. They’re teaming up with big shots to open drug houses for mostly white addicts.

Former Mayor Ed Rendell is getting a free lease from a major developer to open a city-sanctioned drug house at Kensington and Allegheny. Mayor Jim Kenney and DA Larry Krasner support it, even though it’s against the law, even though black people are still locked up for doing the same kind of thing, and even though most Philadelphians are against it.

Rendell is the same guy who demonized black people over crack–first when he was DA, then when he was mayor. But now, when we learn that most of the people overdosing on heroin are white, Rendell is suddenly in favor of opening what they’re calling a safe injection site.

And the owners of Philadelphia Suburban Development Corp., one of the top developers in Philly, is helping him do it. Just like the top developers in Philly are helping to kick black people out of their neighborhoods.

They say it’s all about saving lives, because while people are inside shooting dope, someone will stand there and nudge them so they don’t overdose. DA Larry Krasner, who supports the idea, told me it’s not the same as a regular drug house.

And I guess he has to say that, because back in the day, when black people ran injection sites, they called them shooting galleries, and Pookie and them would nudge people awake too—soon as they ran out of money.


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