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In a defeat for President Donald Trump, black Republican Sen. Tim Scott announced Thursday that he can’t support his controversial judicial nominee Thomas Farr, torpedoing the nomination.

Scott said in statement that he could not support Farr because of his role in a voter suppression scheme.  

“I am ready and willing to support strong candidates for our judicial vacancies that do not have lingering concerns about issues that could affect their decision-making process as a federal judge,” Scott said in his statement. “…This afternoon I concluded that I could not support Mr. Farr’s nomination.”

Scott joined fellow Republican Sen. Jeff Flake and every Democrat in opposing Farr’s nomination to the Eastern District of North Carolina.  

Civil rights groups have been trying to sink Farr’s nomination for nearly a year. Farr wrote the 2013 North Carolina voter ID law that the court found targeted black people “with almost surgical precision.”

Farr also defended the state’s racially discriminatory gerrymandering in federal court in 2015 (and lost), and he may have lied to the Senate about his role in disenfranchising black voters when he worked for Sen. Jesse Helms in 1990.

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