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Florida elections officials are racing to recount ballots this week with the state’s contests for the U.S. Senate and governor too close to call.

Republicans took the lead in last Tuesday’s elections, but state-mandated recounts were ordered after the processing of more than 8 million ballots. President Donald Trump is calling for the recounts to end, saying Democrats are out to steal his party’s wins in America’s largest battleground state.

The drama, which has included dueling lawsuits and unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud, has evoked memories of the state’s 2000 presidential vote recount where the Supreme Court stopped the counting and George W. Bush triumphed over Al Gore.

What happens next?

To start, the ballots are re-run through machines to check for electronic or equipment errors. Local elections officers must complete machine recounts by Thursday afternoon, but some have warned they may not be done in time.

If a contest falls within one-quarter of a percentage point, another recount is ordered – this time to inspect by hand any ballots considered undervotes or overvotes.

Local supervisor of elections offices are due to submit official election results by noon on Sunday.

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