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President Trump abruptly announced on Twitter Wednesday that Jeff Sessions is no longer the U.S. attorney general.

“We are pleased to announce that Matthew G. Whitaker, Chief of Staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice, will become our new Acting Attorney General of the United States. He will serve our Country well,” Trump tweeted, adding: “We thank Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his service, and wish him well! A permanent replacement will be nominated at a later date.”

The Department of Justice provided Yahoo News with a copy of an undated resignation letter from Sessions to the president. At the top of the letter, Sessions indicated the president asked him to resign.

“At your request, I am submitting my resignation,” Sessions wrote.

In the past, Sessions has referred to being attorney general as his “dream job.” In the letter, he said he had been “honored to serve.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment about Sessions’s departure.

Sessions’s exit came within hours of a lengthy White House press conference where Trump suggested some major staff changes would be coming soon.

When pressed, the president declined to say what those changes might be. He framed potential turnover as standard operating procedure after the end of an election cycle.

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