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Tuesday’s election will decide control of the U.S. House and Senate, with the outcomes determining the limits or possibilities of the next two years of Trump’s presidency.

At the same time, it represents a test of the stunning results of 2016.

If Republicans keep control of Congress, it could affirm Trump’s approach and embolden him to defy the conventional political wisdom with his nationalist “America First” message.

But a wave of Democrats, including a surge of newly energized suburban women, have sparked the party’s hopes of taking the U.S. House majority.

The bombing attempts and the Synagogue and Louisville shootings have energized Democrats while the migrant caravan has energized Republicans.

The fight for the House now hinges heavily on suburban races in places like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Democrats need a 23-seat gain to build a House majority, and see hope for gaining from four to 10 seats in the two states.

The Senate is a different picture: Most of the key races there are in more rural states where Trump has strong support, giving Republicans hope of holding or expanding their 51-49 majority.

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