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Religious folks and followers of Bishop Long, please forgive me for my candor but I am inclined to believe that Bishop Eddie Long did indeed have a sexual relationship of sorts with the various young men in question. I am leaning towards believing their accounts because of one simple reason. The Bishop has to yet to fully deny any of the allegations. He has yet to explicitly use the words “No I did not do it.”

Instead he has been quoted as saying ambiguous statements like “I am not the man being portrayed on television,” and “I’m going to fight this,” Neither of the two are a clear and a direct response to the question as to whether these allegations hold any truth to them. This cowardly play with words leads me to believe that he does indeed have much to hide. In fact the only time that he ever directly addressed the allegations is when he made this statement through his lawyers saying that “the charges against me and New Birth are false,” This to me was not a denial, rather another cheap attempt at word play this time by his lawyers. Also, why do you need your lawyers to deny the allegations for you unless you are worried about committing perjury?

If a man with so much to lose, such as a wife, a church filled with a loyal flock, and a reputation for being a loyal man of God was publicly accused of such immoral acts, and he did not engage in any of them; one would assume that he would vehemently deny them. He would be filled with so much passion and rage at the same time for someone even suggesting that he would sink to a level beneath his code of honor. Instead Bishop has made it a habit since these allegations surfaced for him to hide behind bible scriptures; compare himself to the story of David and Goliath, and to avoid answering the question with an incontrovertible response. That response being the word “NO”. A man who was falsely accused of these acts that many religious people find deplorable would have said a resounding “NO”. His complete and total denial would have been heard from the church pulpits to the heavens themselves. Every chance he got he would tell the world “NO”.

However, a man that has been cautioned by his lawyers to not get caught in any perjurious rhetoric, since he.. To read the rest visit YeahSheSaidIt.

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