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Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Supreme Court over the weekend, far from settling the fierce debate over his confirmation, has inflamed the nation’s political and cultural fissures for the midterm elections next month and well beyond.

The repercussions from the most brutal battle over the high court’s makeup in a generation could end up affecting all three branches of government: which party wins control of Congress on Nov. 6, what issues define the White House contest in 2020 and whether Americans have faith in the Supreme Court – not to mention the decisions that will follow from the court’s new conservative majority.

As senators voted on the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s controversial nominee, protesters in the gallery shouted “Shame!” Kavanaugh’s lifetime appointment was approved by a narrow 50-48 vote. He was promptly sworn in at a private ceremony at the Supreme Court, and he is expected to be sitting on the bench for oral arguments Tuesday.

Republicans are triumphant and Democrats enraged.

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