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The complaints against Uber just keep growing. A driver for the ride-share business referred to an African-American customer as the N-word and canceled her trip in Las Vegas this week, the woman said.

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Taniesha Travis, the customer, didn’t have a picture on the Uber app, but the driver assumed she was Black because of her name, she said. He then sent a disgusting and offensive message to her during the Labor Day weekend, according to CBS affiliate KLAS.

“Great. another n-word from Smith’s buying groceries for 6 kids, f–k off n-word,” the message read.

The driver, who was unidentified, then canceled Travis’ Uber XL ride from the local grocery store. Travis had her daughter with her, she said.

Uber’s customer support team responded to Travis after she reported the incident. The company issued a statement and confirmed that the driver had been let go. “This is beyond offensive and has no place in society,” the statement from Andrew Hasbun, a senior communications associate at Uber, read. “The driver has been removed from the app.”

The incident, particularly hurtful for Travis, has taught a lesson. “Unfortunately some people are naive that stuff like this does happen,” Travis said. “Speak up if anything like this happens to anybody else.”

Uber has faced several complaints of racism in recent months. A driver was fired after he referred to Javon O’Neal, who is Black, using the N-word in Tallahassee on Aug. 23. The incident was captured on a cell phone video posted to Facebook.


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