Police shining lights on handcuffed African man sitting on curb

Source: Hill Street Studios/Matthew Palmer / Getty

Police on Wednesday night had two teenage boys in custody in the shooting death last week of Kristian Marche, the 18-year-old track standout from Imhotep Charter High School who was gunned down after he confronted a pair of teens trying to break into his family’s house.

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Taron Small, 16, and Byron Vinson, 15, were trying to break into Marche’s home on Aug. 13 when they were confronted by Marche, who was set to begin at Pennsylvania State University this fall.

Homicide Unit Lt. Norman Davenport said Marche heard them and went outside. After twice encountering the teens, Marche began walking away when Small shot him in the back of the head.

“There was not a struggle, there was not a fight,” Davenport said. “This was clearly a case of murder.”

Small was arrested Wednesday evening in the 2500 block of Carlisle Street in North Philadelphia, police said. Vinson had been arrested earlier in the day.

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