Your Voice Exclusive: Philadelphia’s First African-American Mayor Wilson Goode Talks The Purpose Of “Black Voters Mattered: A Philadelphia Story,” Research In Grassroots Politics & More With Solomon Jones

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Part 2 of Solomon Jones’ interview with Former Philadelphia Mayor Wilson Goode.

Mayor Goode shares what he believes is the purpose of his book, “Black Voters Mattered: A Philadelphia Story.”

Goode breaks down how he built his campaign from the ground up with a grassroots formula and researching opponents. These are necessary components to win an election, more importantly, the components Goode needed to defeat Frank Rizzo. “If I’m not keeping up, I know I’m losing,” says Goode when asked about election day in 1983.


“Black voters mattered because if you don’t turn out to vote, no matter what the popularity is… if the people dont turn out on election day and vote, it simply wont happen.”

He also shares his thoughts on the 2016 presidential election and what Hilary Clinton should’ve focused on in order to win.

“As long as we can have equal voter turnout, we can win,” said Former Mayor Goode.

Watch Part 1 of our exclusive interview: Solomon Jones Interviews Former Philadelphia Mayor Wilson Goode 

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