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N. Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Invited Donald Trump To Meet Him

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The shocking statement was made by senior South Korean officials in Washington, who passed on a letter from the North Korean leader. It was said that the North Korean leader had also agreed to halt nuclear and missile tests and was “committed to denuclearization”.

Earlier this week, The South Korean delegation had held unprecedented talks with Kim in Pyongyang, part of a diplomatic thaw that followed the Winter Olympics in South Korea. then traveled to the US to pass on their message.

Trump, who has previously said there is no point in talking to North Korea, said the development was “great progress.

Trumps Tariffs 

President Trump addressess the nation after the mass shooting in Florida

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President Donald Trump’s demand that new tariffs be put on aluminum and steel imports has scared markets. Trump said the US is suffering from “unfair trade” and the move would boost the US industry.

On Thursday, Trump moved forward and signed two tariff proclamations at the White House with his plan to erect 25% and 10% tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. He was surrounded by steel and aluminum workers.

“A strong steel and aluminum industry are vital to our national security — absolutely vital. Steel is steel, you don’t have steel you don’t have a country,” Trump said Thursday, adding that foreign imports and dumping have led to “shuttered plants and mills” and the laying off of “millions of workers,” overstating the job losses in those industries, which his own adviser put at under 100,000.

Mayor Kenney Says He Needs More Candidates For School Board Seats

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Source: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Mayor Kenney has asked the nominating panel that last week presented him with 27 candidates for seats on the new school board to send him additional names, saying he needs a wider pool from which to choose the Philadelphia School District’s governing body.

Kenney, in a letter to the 13-member panel Thursday, said he wants to consider a more diverse group of candidates, with more parents and educators among them.

Kenney said he wants at least 18 new candidates, but no more than 27.

He said he felt those with “professional and governmental experience” were well represented, but asked for a more “diverse pool that more strongly represents parents and current or former primary- or secondary-level educators. As we review the overall makeup of the appointments, it is important that the members represent all Philadelphians.”

The panel has from now until March 18th to submit new recommendations.


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