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Brother Marcus Music Review

Artist: Wyclef Jean

Song: Borrowed Time

Most of work knows of this Artist Wyclef Jean for his musical talents and his many hit records. Recently I had the opportunity to sit and talk to Wyclef about his musical journey. He was clear after being in the music business for more the 20 years he has come full circle with who he is as a person and an artist.

He explains in his recent Inspirational song “Borrowed Time” about some things he wish he could change about the past and he realizes when we are young we make choices that might not have been the best. However he’s in a new place and has seem to take a more inspirational walk with his song called Borrowed Time. In Various Interviews he’s clear one thing, we need to not waste time in this life that God has given us. Here is the chorus of the song so you can get a feel of where he’s coming from.

We’re on borrowed time Clock keeps ticking Days keep passing Oh we can’t waste no time These are the days of our lives

Life has so much to offer us and this record will allow you to really think about life from another perspective. We’re on Borrowed Time.


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