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Taraji P. Henson is excited for her upcoming film “Hidden Figures” to hit theaters for numerous reasons including the empowering message that it will send young girls.

In the film, the Golden Globe winning actress plays Katherine Johnson, a brilliant mathematician who played a pivotal role in NASA’s sending astronaut John Glenn into space. “Hidden Figures” also tells a larger story about how many other Black women including Dorothy Vaughn (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae) helped NASA with their incredible skill and scientific talents.

Henson recently told Katie Couric that she hopes this inspiring story will encourage young women and girls, especially those of color, to get involved in STEM education and realize that science isn’t just for the boys. 

Growing up I was always told science and math are for boys, I was told that I believed it,” Henson said. What I want girls to take away from this is a dream. Hold it, keep it, dream it, and fight for it because it’s a dream I never knew belonged to me.

The “Empire” star also stressed why being in this film was so important to her.

“’How did we miss this in history? Why don’t we know about these women?’” Henson said, recalling her reaction to the script.

I felt like it was my mission to do the film. It felt like a missing part of history that needed to be implanted back in.”

Can’t wait to see this!

“Hidden Figures” hits theaters nationwide on January 6.


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