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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb took a hard hit in the first game of the season (versus the Green Bay Packers) on September 12th, that resulted in a concussion. Back up QB Michael Vick filled the void and that game ended in a loss.

When Kolb wasn’t cleared to play on September 19th on the road against the Lions in Detroit, Vick was tapped to start. The result was a 35-32 victory for Philadelphia, and countless fans disagreed with Coach Andy Reid’s decision to start Kolb for today’s game in Jacksonville against the Jaguars.

According to our poll, 94% of Philadelphia Eagles fans feel that Michael Vick should be the team’s starting QB. And earlier this week, Reid gave the fans what they wanted by allowing Vick to start. While we’ll never know what the outcome would have been with Kolb starting, Vick led the Eagles to a 28-3 victory over the Jags and scored four touchdowns. Congratulations to the Eagles, and shouts to all of the fans who recognized the winner in Michael Vick!

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