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RIP: Ex-NFL Player And His Wife Killed By Their 16-Year-Old Son

Police believe that former Miami Dolphins linebacker Antonio Armstrong and his wife Dawn were shot and killed by their teenage son in their Houston home on Friday.

According to the KTRK TV News, the couple’s 16-year-old son has been charged with capital murder. Investigators told the news outlet that the two were found dead in their bedroom, but nothing in the home was out of place and there were no signs of a scuffle. However, the motive behind the murders is unknown.

The couple also has a daughter who was home during the shooting, but thankfully she was unharmed.

“There was nothing left out. There was no neglect or anything, nothing that could even possibly justify the situation. This makes no sense,” Vaun Lee, Dawn’s cousin, said.

“This was an outstanding family,” Detective Jimmy Dotson told KTRK. “The male in the family was an absolute hard-working breadwinner. He’s an associate pastor at a church in the area. The mother was apparently a great mother.”

What a senseless tragedy. RIP.

Six More Officials Charged For Flint Water Crisis, However Governor Was Not Included In That List

Michigan National Guard To Help Flint With Lead Contamination In Water Supply

Source: Bill Pugliano / Getty

Six more people have been charged for their role in the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

According to the Huffington Post, Attorney General Bill Schuette announced charges against Nancy Peeler, Corrine Miller, Robert Scott, Liane Shekter-Smith, Patrick Cook and Adam Rosenthal, all current or former employees of either the state Department of Environmental Quality or the Department of Health and Human Services.

At a press conference on Friday, Schuette told the crowd, “The families of Flint will not be forgotten. Those who committed crimes will be held accountable.”

The Huff Post noted that the charges are related to the state’s failure to follow proper treatment protocols that would have prevented lead from reaching the water’s pipes after switching the city’s water source to the Flint River in 2014.

Ironically missing from these charges was Governor Rick Snyder who switched the water supply from Detroit water system to the Flint River, a body of water known to have copious amounts of trash, pollution and iron. As we all know, 

Yaaaassss! Appeals Court Strikes Down NC Law Saying It’s Racist Against Black Voters

(Los Angeles)–Precinct workers drop ballots into the ballot box at the Pico–Aliso Social Hall polli

Source: Mark Boster / Getty

On Friday, a U.S. Appeals Court struck down a North Carolina law that required voters to show photo ID when voting. They ruled that this law intentionally discriminated against African-American residents, Reuters reported.

“We cannot ignore the recent evidence that, because of race, the legislature enacted one of the largest restrictions of the franchise in modern North Carolina history,” Judge Diana Motz, one of the judges ruling on the case, wrote.

This ruling could very much help Hillary Clinton in the general election this November given that North Carolina could swing either Democratic or Republican. Not to mention, in the state, polls show that Black voters overwhemingly support the Dem Presidential candidate, which could help turn the state blue come this fall.

The court also canceled provisions of the law that scaled back early voting, prevented residents from registering and voting on the same day, and eliminated the ability of voters to vote outside their assigned precinct, Reuters noted.

“This ruling is a stinging rebuke of the state’s attempt to undermine African-American voter participation, which had surged over the last decade,” Dale Ho, director of the Voting Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement.

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