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A former Atlanta judge best known for the the court show “Judge Hatchett,” is now representing the family of Philando Castile, the 32-year-old Black man who was shot dead by a police officer in a Twin Cities suburb the Associated Press reported

On Tuesday, with Castile’s mother by her side, Glenda Hatchett announced that she will be filing a lawsuit and stressed that Castile was profiled because of his race.

“I am now stepping beyond the bench, the other side of the bench,” she said at a news conference near the Minnesota state Capitol.

“I am deeply concerned about what seems to be an epidemic of African-American men being killed by police officers. We have often seen demonstrations and debates and I raise the critical question, ‘When will there be systemic reform?’” Hatchett asked.

In an exclusive interview with Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, Hatchett, 65, stressed that Castile had a permit for his weapon and that he didn’t do anything to facilitate any police violence.

“He had a permit to carry a weapon, that was a lawful weapon that he had and according to his girlfriend, that was fully disclosed at the stop.” Hatchett continued, He was reaching in compliance with getting documentation when he was shot.”

“This was not a man who was fleeing the scene. He was not combative with the police. He was complying this time. Those are the things that we know emphatically were happening” she added.

She also said Castile was an honorable and loved human being.

“He had a job. He loved his family. He was beloved. The outpouring and love and support for this man in this community has been amazing, and he had a permit,” said Hatchett.


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