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Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant is retired from the NBA but hasn’t stopped him from reflecting on his final moments against the Utah Jazz. Even though he ended his final NBA game with sixty points, one of which included a game-winning fadeaway from the free throw line, he still feels that he had a few missed opportunities to score more points.

“Speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference, Bryant said he looked at video from that game last month and saw some missed opportunities. He spoke of one particular fade-away shot where he said, in his mind at the time, he was picturing himself as a kid on a bike throwing rocks at a trash can. “Inspiration can come from anywhere,” he said.”

Just because he’s not in the NBA doesn’t mean he’s stopped working though. He’s been pursuing his projects at Kobe Inc., a media company he started a few years ago. He’s still in love with basketball but he’s looking for ways to use the sport as a medium to tell stories.

“Kobe Inc. was responsible for the documentary Kobe Bryant’s Muse that aired last year on Showtime, and he hinted that books, movies and TV shows are likely in the company’s future. I love storytelling … Storytelling through sports, what would that look like?” he said. What sports books are you going to read to [your kids] that touches fantasy? There are no stories like that,” said Bryant. “The opportunities you have to entertain and to educate are endless.”

He also talks about how he’s had to motivate his ex-teammates like Pau Gasol (who needed kind words and a hug) and Shaq (who he preferred trash talking).


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