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President Obama may be the Leader of the Free World, but first and foremost, he’s a father. During a recent event in Detroit, he got emotional when he spoke about his eldest daughter Malia.

The 17-year-old is currently a senior at the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC. While he’s no stranger to public speaking, the President turned down the opportunity to address his daughter’s graduating class.

“Malia’s school asked if I wanted to speak at commencement and I said ‘No’. I’m going to be wearing dark glasses…and I’m going to cry.”

According to People Magazine, Malia is planning to study either TV or film production and she’s considering the country’s best Ivy League schools including Harvard, Tufts, Yale and Stanford. She’s already interned for Lena Dunham on set of the HBO show, “Girls”.

Malia was at the center of a minor controversy late last year when her visit to Brown University was overshadowed by photos of the teen at a college party standing in proximity to a game of beer pong. The school later penned a half-hearted apology to Malia. The President has since shared how proud he is of both Sasha and Malia’s behavior.

“They’re kind, they’re respectful, they don’t have an attitude. Partly because maybe my mother-in-law was here, you know we say we don’t want to see any attitude out of them. And they’ve been terrific.”

We know the Obama girls will continue to blossom into remarkable young women!


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