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One incredibly generous Kansas City construction company gave a family in need the best gift of all this holiday season.

Artis Rollins and his twins daughters were given the keys to their very own home just days before Christmas. reports that Rollins was given the keys to the house on Tuesday during a special ceremony at an area community center.

The gift came as a huge surprise to Rollins, who was under the impression that he had a few more steps to go before finding out whether he was eligible for housing. “I thought we were just coming for an interview, I thought maybe it was just another interview to see if I qualify for the house,” he told AOL. “I had no idea.”

It was an early Christmas surprise courtesy of Connections to Success, which was founded in 2008 to serve a very specific purpose.

“The three goals that are so important to us in this project, in these projects, to improve local neighborhoods, to provide affordable housing, and to enhance the employability of those that we serve,” Connection To Success COO Brad Lambert said. “But beyond that, in the immediacy for the holiday seasons, by changing a family’s life and their trajectory.”

Although Rollins has two jobs he’s had a hard time keeping a roof over his daughters heads.

“We moved here from Minnesota, and basically we were homeless, and sleeping in a car, and every now and then we could go over a siblings house,” Rollins shared. “It bothered me, because I have my daughters, I don’t worry about me… it’s them that I worry about, because they keep me going, so I wanted to make sure that I could find shelter for them.”

This gift has taken care of a major concern for Rollins., and he is beyond grateful for the generosity of Connections To Success. “It’s really a blessing,” said Rollins, “This is the best Christmas in the world, I couldn’t ask for anything else, I am so happy.”

Although the Rollins family finally has a place to call home, they could still use a little help getting beds and fixing their car. Anyone interested in helping out can send their donations to:

Housing Solutions Center

14444 E. 8th Street,

Kansas City, MO 64106

You can also call 816-842-1199 x 103 and ask for Kaity Claren.


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