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It is too funny seeing the President loosen up and show off his personality now that his second term is coming to an end.

Today during an address on the White House’s strategy for handling extremists in light of the attacks from ISIL in Paris and Beirut, Obama spoke pretty bluntly on what he has to say to his critics.

“Folks want to pop off and they have opinions about what they think they would do, then present a specific plan.”



Obama was giving a speech in Antalya, Turkey to reporters at the end of the two-day Group of 20 summit convening the word's richest leaders in developing countries. The summit took place a few hundred miles away from Syria's border. He called the Paris terror attacks "terrible" and a "sickening setback." Still, he made it very clear that the US would still accept Syrian refugees in keeping with America's legacy of keeping open borders for immigrants in need.

The President talked at length about his disagreement with critics who use war-mongering rhetoric to color America's brand, particularly those that lack their own concrete strategies to take down the enemy.

His plan is to delve deeper into his efforts of using airstrikes as well as arming and training moderate forces and bonding with other countries to maximize efforts against ISIL.

Obama says that he is confident in his plan, but admits: “We are very clear eyed about the very, very difficult road ahead.”

See the full address below:

[SOURCE: Washington Post, The Grio]


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