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'Unbreakable Bond' Personal Appearance With Khloe Kardashian Odom And Lamar Odom

The owner of the Love Ranch where Lamar Odom was found unconscious doesn’t care that the ball player is still fighting for his life. Now that the world knows that he and Khloe Kardashian are still legally married, Dennis Hof is publicly stating that he’ll sue Khloe.

Apparently, the former Lakers player accumulated a $75 thousand tab during his three day stay at the Ranch.

“If I don’t get paid for the entire bill, I’ll sue Khloe, I know she has the money,” Dennis said in an interview with Radar Online.

“We have Lamar on tape signing the credit card statement — we have a copy of his driver’s license — he was the one that determined the $75K price for the two hookers.” He also added, “I’m saddened that [Lamar] had a major medical issue, [but Lamar] still needs to pay up.”

This is nothing short of ruthless! Dennis is already taking full advantage of his 15 minutes of fame; earlier this week, he did a Skype interview with Wendy Williams where he shared whether or not Lamar was on drugs prior to visiting the Love Ranch. Dennis also recounts the medical team having to send for a helicopter to rush Lamar’s ailing body to the hospital.

Since Dennis witnessed the situation in it’s entirety, we would assume that he would be a little more compassionate and tactful…apparently not! Check out the clip from “Hot Topics” below.


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