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All the constructions and updates that’s been going on around Philly in preparation for Pope Francis and the World Meeting of Families conference is going to cost the city a pretty penny. According to Philadelphia Business Journal, the city is paying $12 million dollars for the historic meeting and papal weekend.

A contract between the city and the World Meeting of Families states that Philly will be reimbursed at the end of November, but a detailed invoice must be provided to the nonprofit organization by November 1. The biggest expense is dedicated to the Philadelphia Police Department, just under $5 million dollars, which will help with crowd and traffic control, security and emergency measures. The fire department and their EMS services have the second highest price tag at $4.1 million.

The rest of the money is covering the cost of staffing, equipment, short-term housing, food and inspection services and many other necessary items.

Here’s a list of all the departments included in the total projected cost of $12,083,913.54:

Police: $4,987,580.41

Fire: $165,514.56

Fire (EMS): $3,916,567.90

Streets: $844,970.34

Parks & Recreation: $131,957.10

Public Property: $86,571.24

Fleet Management: $246,419.22

Water: $96,619.42

DHS: $30,521.80

Innovation & Technology: $613,247.36

Office of Supportive Housing: $26,276.00

Office of Emergency Management: $883,860.67

Licenses & Inspections: $19,307.52

Health: $31,500.00

Office of Special Events: $3,000.00

The conference is set to begin today, Tuesday September 22, while Pope Francis will arrive Saturday, September 26.

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