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It wasn’t until two years ago that I realized that – as with much of my Christian life up to that point – my prayer life was out of balance.

From an early age I had considered that prayers having to do with me or my needs were selfish and that the majority of my prayers should concern those outside my home.

In an effort not to consume my prayers mainly on my home and the needs of my home, I filled my list with needs of my friends, their families, their children, their marriages….

while putting our needs, my family, my children and my marriage at the bottom, which usually resulted in them receiving hurried words shot to heaven because I was running out of time. Or no prayers at all, because before I reached that part of my list, little chubby legs would come barreling out of their bedroom demanding their morning hot cocoa and a cartoon.

Then I read a book that radically challenged the wisdom of this kind of thinking and realized that God gave me this home, this family, this marriage and these children as treasures for me to hold in my arms and heart, not others’ marriages and children and needs. To not put my own first on the list was not only wrong, it was irresponsible!

Yes, we need to pray for others. Scriptures commands us to do so. But our first prayers should be for our treasures.

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