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Pastor David Bullock*Pastor David Bullock has no problem letting you know where he stands.

As the most outspoken star of “Preachers of Detroit,” the Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church leader has a suitable platform to air out whatever he’s feeling. In an interview with, Bullock chats about his reasons for doing reality TV as well as wealthy pastors and what he feels can be done to save Detroit.

Regarding reality TV, Bullock said his motivation stems from showing folks that there’s more to ministry than standing in and preaching from the pulpit.

“Ultimately, I wanted to do the show because it’s a great platform for the city of Detroit and to show the kind of ministry that I’m involved in and the tradition I come from. I wanted to show the world a different kind of church, a different kind of pastor and a different kind of ministry,” he told CocoaFab while referencing another popular reality show when talking about concern over a backlash from viewers.

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