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Today’s ideal image of a woman can be clouded by some of the characters we see around us whether it’s on Instagram or a favorite reality  show. Sometimes these characters come off as catty, petty, and confrontational, which may send the wrong message to our society .This can make it easy for some to get distracted about what it means to be a woman; someone who is goal oriented, determined, and remains true to who she is. With that said, I decided to interview one of the on-air personalities from Praise 103.9  to give to young ladies in the community some advice on life lessons. I hope the messages in this Q&A inspires those reading this to focus on becoming better individuals, achieving your goals, and living a more positive lifestyle.


NAME: CECE MCGHEE A.K.A The Angel of Inspiration



SPECIALTY: On-air personlaity at PRAISE 103.9, Queen of her household

 ACHIEVEMENTS:  Licensed ministry, seminary graduate, life coach, and author.


Q. What are some of your values and beliefs as a woman?

A. God first in everything I do. Without Him nothing works. I think faith as a foundation is the strongest thing you can have because you will go through things in life. Family is second. As you grow and learn you see what’s important and your values begin to change.


Q. Who or what influenced you growing up?

  A. My mommy. She is my “shero”. She is still my #1 friend and supporter to this day. She recognized my gift of gab and always encouraged me to use it to my advantage. I always got in trouble for being a talker in class. I just love to talk,  LOL. And so I’m here.


Q. What would you say is the biggest mistake you’ve made in your career?

A.  Stepping down from leadership. I wish I hung in there longer.


Q. What did you learn from this mistake?

A.  I learned that you can’t blame others. I am responsible for me and how I allow people to treat me. I also learned it’s not important to make decisions off of emotions.  We try to make good decisions but we should let it be a God decision. He’ll move us when He is ready.


Q.  One piece of advice you could offer to other young ladies who are pursuing their dreams.

  A. Learn every aspect of whatever field you are in. Stay in school and always have a backup plan. Never limit yourself even if others don’t believe in you and just be prepared for any and every opportunity that comes your way.


By: Jade Thompson| Radio One Philadelphia

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