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Angela Bassett on Wendy Williams, EEW Magazine

Christian actress and first-time director Angela Bassett, 56, is uber talented, classy and graceful.

During press rounds for the Lifetime premiere of her Whitney Houston biopic, she stopped by Wendy Williams’

show and breezed through tough questions.

Less than five minutes into the discussion, the 50-year-old gossip-loving TV titan brought up Bobbi Kristina’s

2014 Internet bashing of Bassett.

“She got on Twitter and called you all the way out of your name,” Williams instigated.

Bassett chuckled, admitting she had not read the inflammatory commentary personally. “People told me a little

bit, I think,” she explained. “But, no I didn’t read it and it’s probably best… because things like that hurt your

feelings and they don’t really mean it before they say send,” she said, highlighting how impulsive emotional

social media users sometimes are.

Basset also told Williams she did not know of Bobbi’s desire to be in the movie, noting that casting was open to


During an Entertainment Weekly interview last year, when the Golden Globe winning actress was asked

whether she considered utilizing Bobbi, she said no.

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